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Managing and Growing My Wealth

HSBC Life (International) Limited can help you take your first step to your goal by growing your wealth effectively.

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Fight inflation and build your wealth over time

Among seven Asian regions surveyed, Hong Kong people have the strongest tendency to save. Sixty-seven per cent of those interviewed in Hong Kong plan to increase their savings. Hong Kong people are hard working and thrifty, building up wealth for their dreams. However, the value of their assets will gradually be eroded by inflation. While saving and accumulating wealth are important, the key to adding value lies in consistent and sustained wealth management.


Source: HSBC Asian Insurance Monitor 2011

Grow your wealth with compound interest

Compound interest is an effective tool in savings plans as it keeps your wealth growing in the long-run.

Invest regularly to benefit from fluctuations

Dollar-cost averaging is a common technique used in long-term investments, aiming to lower the average cost of each fund unit. By investing a fixed amount regularly, you will buy more units when the fund price drops and less when it rises. So over time, regardless of whether the price of the fund you are buying rises or falls, the average price you pay for each unit is likely to be lower than the market price. This may help increase the long-term return on your investment.

Good asset allocation helps grow your wealth steadily
Asset allocation is a practice to diversify risk among different assets within your investment portfolio. It aims to create a more balanced portfolio that adapts to all market conditions.
Regular portfolio review

Amid these uncertain economic times, it is important to review your investment portfolio regularly. We would be glad to manage your portfolio with you, helping you make the right moves at the right time.

How to grow your wealth for better returns?

Follow the three principles to grow your wealth and reach your goals:

Note: Please note that your savings returns may fluctuate. The diagram and information shown are hypothetical and for illustration only.
1. Start early

The earlier you start investing, the sooner you benefit from the power of compound interest, which would potentially lead to better returns.

2. Be consistent

Market downturns are opportunities to invest at lower costs. Stick to your plan, consistently grow your wealth through dollar-cost averaging and asset allocation will help balance your risks.

3. Use the right tool at the right time

Adjusting your portfolio to different market conditions at different life stages is key to maintaining momentum in achieving your financial goals.

Growing wealth securely

Some life insurance plans with life cover and savings enable you to grow your wealth and to build up guaranteed cash for important stages in your family's life.

Annual dividends

Some life insurance plans offer you non-guaranteed annual dividends which you may withdraw as cash1 or reinvest in your policy.

Higher potential returns

Enjoy great potential with investment-linked insurance plans that combine various investment choices2 with insurance cover.

Greater payment flexibility

Target saving plans offer flexible choices of payment terms and accumulation periods to suit your needs.

1 Withdrawal of non-guaranteed dividends will reduce the level of savings in your policy.
2 Investment involves risks. The income (if any) from investment choices may fluctuate. In the worst case scenario, the value of the investment choices may be worth substantially less than the original amount you have invested.

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