HSBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

China Medical Assistance
China Travel Assistance
  • Telephone Medical Advice
  • Medical Service Provider Referral
  • Arrangement of Hospital Admissions
  • Guarantee of Medical Expenses During Hospitalization
  • Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Arrangement of Emergency Medical Repatriation
  • Arrangement of Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Arrangement of Compassionate Visit
  • Arrangement of Return of Minor Children
  • Arrangement of Accommodation
  • Lost Luggage Assistance
  • Lost Passport Assistance
  • Lost/Stolen Cards Reporting
  • Legal Referral Assistance
  • Emergency Travel Service Assistance
  • Emergency Interpreting Assistance
  • Embassy Referral Assistance
  • Emergency Message Transmission