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HSBC Credit Card's Spending Instalment Plan

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If your Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport Number is XD234567, please input 2345.
Each application amount must be HKD1,000 or above.
  1. Corporate, business, purchasing, US$ Visa Gold Card, the RMB sub-account of a UnionPay Dual Currency or UnionPay Dual Currency Diamond credit card, undergraduate credit cards, a Visa Gold Card for Students and private label cards are not eligible for the Plan.
  2. HSBC is entitled to approve or reject any application or grant a lower instalment amount than that requested without giving any reason or prior notice to the cardholder. HSBC will contact the cardholder to confirm the approval result if there is a change in handling fee rate and annualised percentage rate due to the final approved instalment amount. The handling fee rate offered to a cardholder or additional cardholder under different card accounts or primary card accounts may not be the same.
  3. Please call us on 2233 3052 to enquire your handling fee and annualized percentage rate. The remuneration for sales staff is determined based on the staff's overall performance with reference to a wide range of factors, and is subject to review from time to time, for the purpose of encouraging the building of deep, long-lasting and mutually valuable relationships with customers. It is not determined solely on financial performance.
  4. Please note that we will bill each monthly Repayment Amount of Spending Instalment Plan to your Card Account on a monthly basis as a purchase transaction and show it on your Card statement. You need to be aware that only 1% of the monthly instalment principal amount plus full monthly handling fee of Spending Instalment Plan will be included in the minimum payment due. If you fail to pay the statement balance of your monthly Card statement in full, or if you only pay the minimum payment due on or before the due date of that statement, we will charge on the outstanding statement balance a finance charge at the interest rate applicable to credit card as specified in the "Tariff Guide".

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