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What is an Overdraft?

An overdraft is a ready credit facility that offers you extra cash whenever you need it, and for whatever purpose. Overdrafts provide you with the flexibility of funds when you need it most.

Overdrafts at a glance

Overdraft protection*

Stand-by overdraft protection credit limit of up to HKD20,000 for HSBC Preimer customers and HKD5,000 for HSBC Advance and Personal Integrated Account^ customers.

HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance and Personal Integrated Account^ Secured Credit

Achieve your goals and dreams with your assets pledged as security with a Secured Credit. More

HSBC Premier Clean Credit

Exclusively for HSBC Premier customers, extra stand-by cash with preferential interest rates. More

HSBC Advance Clean Credit

Linked to your HSBC Advance package, a credit facility for extra on-demand cash. More

Personal Integrated Account^ Clean Credit

A credit facility for extra on- demand cash. More

Personal Overdraft

Enjoy a high credit line with low interest rates with a personal overdraft. More

* Applicable to customers who have maintained at least three months' satisfactory credit record and a total of credit relationship of HKD40,000 for HSBC Premier customers and HKD10,000 for HSBC Advance and Personal Integrated Account^ customers in the previous calendar month. Pricing for Overdraft protection for HSBC Premier is HSBC's Best Lending Rate + 4% p.a. and HSBC's Best Lending Rate + 5% p.a. for HSBC Advance and Personal Integrated Account^ customers.

^ "Personal Integrated Account" is also named as 'SmartVantage'; Personal Integrated Account and SmartVantage are used interchangeably in customer communications including account statement, bank forms / advices, internet banking platform etc.

Note: The Unauthorised Overdraft interest rate is Best Lending Rate + 8%. For Super Ease Account and Current Account, such interest rate is 24% p.a. The Unauthorized overdraft handling charge is HKD120. For HSBC Premier, the Unauthorized overdraft handling charge is HKD100.

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