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Personal Instalment Loan Redraw




  • 重新提取金額即時存入戶口,現金立刻到手*,方便快捷。
  • 可於全港超過1,000部自動櫃員機即時提款。
  • 可享用再提取貸款服務,次數不限**。
  • 可自選更長還款期 (長達60個月) ,配合不同的理財需要。
  • 重新提取金額及未償還金額均以同一戶口合併計算,賬目清晰易明,讓您全面掌握財政狀況。


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* Processing time may vary in some cases depending on the actual circumstances of individual applications.
** Minimum redraw amount is HKD3,000 and you must have had a Personal Instalment Loan account for at least 3 months. The Bank reserves the final right of allowing customers to redraw or not and has sole discretion to determine the redrawn amount and tenor.