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Mortgage Services

Our Mortgages Loans


Home Mortgage Loans

HSBC's Home Mortgage Loans feature tailored solutions to meet your financing requirements.

  • Multiple mortgage loan repayment plan options
  • Flexible mortgage loan arrangement

Deposit-linked Mortgage

Enjoy better interest returns on your savings deposit and greater flexibility in managing your finances.

  • Fruitful returns on your savings deposit
  • Reduce net interest expenses of your mortgage loan

HIBOR-based Mortgage Plan

Help you follow more closely the money market movement in interest rate while having extra protection with an interest rate cap.

  • More choices of mortgage plan
  • Closely follow the money market interest rate movement
  • Extra protection with an interest rate cap

HighAdvance Mortgage

Make your dreams come true with less down payment.

  • Borrow mortgage loan up to 80%* of your property's value
  • Enjoy cash-out refinancing

Trading Up

Moving to a new property is a little easier with financing from HSBC.

  • Pay a deposit on your new home before closing the sale of your current home with an HSBC Bridging loan

Investor Mortgage

Capture property investment opportunities and maximise your wealth potential.

  • Rental income and assets return are taken into account for income calculation

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Mortgage CalculatorsMortgage Calculators

How much can I save on "Deposit-linked Mortgage"?
Calculate how much you can save on Deposit-linked Mortgage compared to standard mortgage.

To estimate your maximum loan amount, please contact us

 Property Valuation

Property Valuation tool
Find out the current value of a flat in major estates throughout Hong Kong

Important Notice

We notice that our customers may from time to time receive bogus calls that claim to be calling from HSBC, selling products or asking for personal data. If you find the call suspicious or want to identify whether the caller is our Bank staff, please do not disclose your personal or account information but contact us on (852) 2233 3000 instead.

* The mortgage loan amount is capped at 80% of the property purchase price or property valuation (whichever is lower) provided that mortgage insurance cover is made available by The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited and subject to their latest guideline. Regular salaried first time homebuyers with a maximum debt-to-income ratio of 45% may still be eligible for the maximum MIP cover of 90% LTV.